Finishing and Trade Days Round-up

I finished my race!  This past Sunday, October 13th was the Tyler Rose Marathon and I was one of the 179 runners to finish the race.  Man, it was . . . tough.  Tougher than I had expected.  The weather was warm and muggy, and those East Texas hills did me in.  I didn’t meet my goal time, but I did finish, which is still a major accomplishment.  Here I am in the final steps to the finish line.


Yep, I beat that man behind me!

I had a good running friend tell me that after a major race your immune system is really down, so promptly 48 hours after the race I picked up my youngest’s cold.  Ughh. I’m coughing as I type.  But as those of you with little ones know, things don’t really stop when mom gets sick! So I am plowing through with the help of green tea, lots of kleenex, and extra coffee.

Despite feeling yuck, I did manage to make it up to the McKinney Trade Days market this morning.  I’ll share a few quick photos of my finds.


This pile of porch trim was a great find.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll sell it in individual pieces, or use it to add some architectural flair to my booth space.


I loved these mid-century painted metal wall hangings.  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but they are large, almost 2 feet tall.  They would make a fantastic statement on someone’s bathroom wall, or on a garden porch.


I grabbed a few “smalls” too, as they are called in this business.  I always love vintage tins, an the roses on this one were so bright and happy.  The three plates have great fall colors in them and will work well in my Thanksgiving display at the shop.  But my favorite by far is the small enamel pitcher.


It is so cute and dainty, but that pop of red trim adds a little flair.

By far though, my best find of the morning was this antique pull cart.


It was hiding under a table, and when I asked the dealer she told me it was a goat cart.  She quoted me a fantastic price and I jumped on it immediately.  I had to leave it in her spot while I finished shopping, and several more people asked about it while I was gone.  The early bird gets the worm!


It has amazing patina, and I can see it stuffed full of pumpkins and mums on someone’s front porch . . . maybe  mine!


The original green paint still shows in parts, which is like extra brownie points! I really am tempted to keep it myself, but I know it would be a super-quick seller up at the shop too.  I may think on it a few days . . .

Well, off to rest for a few more minutes before school pick-up time.  I would love to see what great treasures anyone else has found recently!

Vintage Child’s Room Decor

I’ve posted before about how I love to decorate with old books.  I have a special place in my heart though for old children’s books especially.  I love the bright, but muted with time, colors and old-timey pictures.  Over the weekend I stopped in at an estate sale that had tons of old children’s books for sale.  I picked through the box and pulled out a few of my favorites.


Adding those to two bedtime storybooks I already had, I now have a nice little collection for sale in my space.  I think The Shoe Book may be my favorite.  I wonder if it originally had laces?


I love the Paper Doll book too. I remember playing with paper dolls when  I was a little girl.


And lastly, I was excited to find a Mother Goose book in the pile. Check out the laced-up binding.


These would be great displayed on a shelf in a child’s nursery or even bigger kid room.  Or, you could easily take out single pages and frame several of them in a row.  And of course you can use them for their original purpose and read them to your children too!

A simple, low-cost way to add a unique touch to your child’s space.

Other People’s Memories

In my space right now at Antique Company Mall I have a stock of old photos and family film reels from the 1950’s.  I realize that some people may think it’s strange to use somebody else’s family memories to decorate with, but I really enjoy these little glimpses into other people’s pasts.  I love wondering about who these people were and the lives they lived.


I stumbled across this set of film reels a few months ago at McKinney Trade Days.  I thought they were so unique and I loved that they were all still labeled.  One reads, “Paul’s Baptism, 1957”, and another is “Trip to Maine, 1954” with our friend Paul listed again plus lots of other names.


I don’t have a media room, but if I did these would be prominently displayed in there!  I think they are so rich with character and great for the imagination—who was Paul and how did he like Maine?


I also love this picture, maybe a family reunion?  And don’t you love the book behind it?  It’s just waiting for the perfect home.


A few weeks ago I went to an estate sale that had boxes full of loose family photos.  Here are just a few that I snagged.  I’m actually kicking myself for not getting the whole box!  They were all about to be lost in the trash and I decided to help find them a new home.

Where in your space can you add some history with other people’s memories?

My Inner Librarian

I love decorating with vintage books.  They don’t have to be in great shape, in fact the shabbier the better.  In most cases I’m not really concerned with their titles either, more with the subtle hues their covers add to a space.  I think I like too that they bring with them a sense of sophistication . . . smart people read lots of books, right?


Sometimes I take off their covers and wrap several books up together with twine (I realize that causes great anxiety among real book collectors!), and sometimes I stack them with their page ends out.  Here is a little collection that inhabits my bird cage.


My space up at Antique Company Mall is full of vintage books.  When I spot them at garage or estate sales I can’t pass them up.  I have a great collection of red-hued books up there right now. Instant color for a drab space!



Why not start your own vintage book collection? They are easy to find, full of character, and great conversation pieces.  And like I said, having lots of them around will make you look really smart. *wink wink*