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Artissimo Sideboard

My husband is finally back from his looooong international trip, so we are all celebrating here! I had one major project I wanted to do while he was gone, and with my mother-in-law’s babysitting help I was able to knock it out last weekend.  I found this great vintage Basset sideboard at an estate sale around the corner from me about a month ago.


It is a really solid piece and overall in good condition, but that honey-colored wood is just . . . ughh.  I was lacking in inspiration for awhile, not sure what direction to take it since it’s a little more mid-century-modern than what I usually work on.  So, I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page asking for ideas, and got a ton of feeback.  It was a fun process, great to see everyone else’s creative styles come out.  All of that discussion got my creative juices flowing, and I decided it needed to be dark and sleek.  I have been wanting to try Miss Mustard Seed Artissimo milk paint, and this looked liked the perfect project.

Another byproduct of that Facebook post was that a friend and local blog follower decided this was the perfect piece for her entryway! So, it quickly turned into a custom project, and after some deliberating, she decided the dark blue Artissimo was the way to go also.

I don’t have any in process pictures because my hubby had the camera on his trip, I hope the afters suffice.  I did do some light sanding to help the milk paint stick, but other than that, there was no real prep.


The color turned out just as fabulous and I imagined it would . . . The sanding helped the milk paint to stick overall, except for that one door.  But that’s what you get with milk paint! And I think it adds a unique and custom touch–no piece will ever look the same.


The deep color highlights the brass hardware well.



The detail on the legs stands out better now.



One of the great things about milk paint is the depth and texture it adds because the color isn’t flat throughout.



My friend comes to pick it up tomorrow evening, and I hope she loves it as much as I do.

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12 thoughts on “Artissimo Sideboard

  1. This redo is gorgeous! Artissimo is one of my favorite MMS colors and it suits this piece perfectly! I just redid a table in Tricycle Red if you would like to stop by and follow me!

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  3. Hello, I love the color. I am getting ready to experiment with MMS MP. Did you use the bonding agent on this piece? I have a piece that is chalk painted and waxed and I want lots of chippiness. I don’t like washes. I am going for sorta wearing off to the second and third layer look 🙂

    • Hi Patti-Ann. I didn’t use the bonding agent on the sideboard, have never used it in fact. I have found MMSMP to be unpredictable but still wonderful to work with. I did lightly sand the piece with an orbital sander and some hand sanding on the doors to help the paint stick. My guess for the one chippier door is that I didn’t sand it quite as much as the rest. My experience is the glossier the surface, the more chipping you will get. I bet over chalk paint and wax it will chip well. Also, it seems to chip more when it dries some in the sun. Just my experience 🙂 Have fun an hope it works out for you!

  4. Stopping by from Finding Silver Pennies…This piece turned out beautifully! I’m still a chalk paint kind of gal, but have a feeling MMS Milk Paint is in my near future because it produces such lovely finishes. 🙂 I’m so glad you shared your project..Thank you!

  5. Thank you Robin for stopping by! Milk paint is alot of fun, but is a more difficult medium to use than chalk paint. I recently wrote a post titled “Milk Paint vs Chalk Paint, My Take” where I share my experiences with both. It may offer some helpful thoughts if you would like to check it out. Thanks again!

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