Vintage Child’s Room Decor

I’ve posted before about how I love to decorate with old books.  I have a special place in my heart though for old children’s books especially.  I love the bright, but muted with time, colors and old-timey pictures.  Over the weekend I stopped in at an estate sale that had tons of old children’s books for sale.  I picked through the box and pulled out a few of my favorites.


Adding those to two bedtime storybooks I already had, I now have a nice little collection for sale in my space.  I think The Shoe Book may be my favorite.  I wonder if it originally had laces?


I love the Paper Doll book too. I remember playing with paper dolls when  I was a little girl.


And lastly, I was excited to find a Mother Goose book in the pile. Check out the laced-up binding.


These would be great displayed on a shelf in a child’s nursery or even bigger kid room.  Or, you could easily take out single pages and frame several of them in a row.  And of course you can use them for their original purpose and read them to your children too!

A simple, low-cost way to add a unique touch to your child’s space.


Milk Paint Experiment

A few weeks ago I got a text from a friend asking if I knew anyone who bought antiques . . . I responded, “Yes, me!”  Her husband’s grandmother had passed away and the family was ready to start selling some of the furniture and decor they had chosen not to keep.  She was kind enough to text me pictures of everything she had, then bring it up here from the grandmother’s house several hours away.  All I had to do was tell her what I wanted then pick it up from her garage. Some of the easiest treasure hunting I’ve ever done.

I picked this wonderful oak short dresser from what she had to sell.  What was really nice about the process was that even though it was a piece that had been in the family for a long time, they were excited to let it go and find a new “life” with someone else who would really appreciate it.  I felt the freedom to give it a complete makeover, without the worries of offending them for painting their heirloom.


It has wonderful curvy lines and is solid to the core.  And of course, the casters!


It was quite scratched up though, so I thought a complete paint job would be the best way to go.  Because the wood underneath was of such good quality (no veneer, just real wood), MMS milk paint was a great option.  I prefer using chalk paint for pieces that need to be completely covered, and saving milk paint for when I’m going for that real chippy look with lots of original wood peeking through.

I wanted to try to layer colors, so I tried a new (well, new for me) technique using Vaseline.  I started off with a coat of MMS (Miss Mustard Seed) Shutter Gray.


Look closely and the right front corner, it’s starting to chip–the magic of milk paint!


After the Shutter Gray dried, I rubbed some Vaseline on “high traffic” spots, like edges, by the handles, the legs–places where the piece would have naturally gotten alot of wear and tear over the years.  After letting the Vaseline dry for about a half  hour, I painted a top coat of MMS Ironstone.  The Vaseline kept the Ironstone paint from sticking, so it created this neat two-tone effect where it appears that the top coat of paint has naturally worn off over years of use.


And then of course after letting it sit for a few hours, the milk paint started chipping away again and it was time to give it a light sanding. Here is the final product.




The milk paint did ALOT of chipping on this piece, giving it a real primitive look in the end.  I’m happy with how it turned out and I enjoyed experimenting with the Vaseline technique. There are so many ways to create interest and texture on furniture, especially with milk paint.  Give it a try if you haven’t already.


On a different note, I wanted to share that April was the best month I have had in my 10 months of being an antique dealer.  I think my clientele is starting to build and I’ve had some success at identifying my style. Thank you all for your encouragement–hauling all of this stuff around is not glorious work, but I’ve sure had fun with it.

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Perfectly Imperfect MMS Milk Paint Party

Awesome Cubbies and other Junk Finds

Last week was the time for First Monday at Canton, which is a HUGE monthly flea market about an hour southeast of Dallas.  Despite living in the North Texas area for almost 5 years now, I have only ever been to Canton once, and that was last month!  It was actually a trip the whole family made as a birthday treat for me, which was fun, but with three little ones in tow I didn’t even get through one-tenth of the market. So, my wonderful husband took Friday off last week so I could go again all by myself! If you’re in my stage of life right now, you know that’s a big deal!

I had my best month yet at ACM and so I was in need of some fresh inventory.  I promised myself no furniture . . . only  small things.  Here’s a few of my finds:


I was excited about this street sign, it’s the first one I have found.  My husband is a pastor, so it’s kind of fun.


And a cute, small old Radio Flyer wagon. Not sure why the original decal had been painted over, but it’s under there.  My kids were kind of disappointed that we didn’t keep it, but it’s a little too rusty for real use.

And then, even though I said no furniture, when I saw this piece I had to go for it.


It was by far the most unique thing I saw the whole day.  The man I bought it from said he thinks it may have come out of some sort of manufacturing plant because he found some rivets inside one of the cubbies. Remember I said I have a thing for cubbies?


The multiple layers of original, peeling paint also appealed to me.  It even has the remnants of some industrial labels on each wooden flap.

I realize it may be a little too rustic for everyone’s taste, but you have to admit, it is unique! That is what I love the most about filling your home with one-of-a-kind finds; every piece has a story to tell.

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