Dresser Makeover

I’m sorry it’s been awhile . . . I’ve had sick kiddos, school projects, Easter and birthday planning, and some furniture projects too.  But I’m back!

I wanted to share with you all one of those furniture projects I was working on.  Remember the tacky with a capital T dresser I found at a garage sale?


Well in the true spirit of “lost & found,” I thought with a little love and lots of elbow grease it may still have a little life left.  I liked the diagonal lines on the top 2 drawers, they added some visual interest. The hardware also was original to the piece and had some real patina to it.  It gave me this kind of 50’s vibe, so I thought I would roll with it and try out a new vintage color, “Luckett’s Green” from Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint line.

dresser 1

What do you think?  In the end, I was really happy with how it turned out.

If you haven’t ever used milk paint, you should definitely give it a try.  But beware, it’s a little tricky. It comes in powder form and you mix it with water.  It’s a little challenging to get all the pigments that make up the color completely mixed, so often it gives you a little streaky, color-washed look.  If you know that going into it, it’s no problem.  But if you’re trying to create a super-smooth modern look, you’re going to be disappointed.  Opt for the milk paint when you want to really go vintage.


Another quality of milk paint is that it self-distresses.  In certain places it will chip away from the wood all on its own, so it works great if you are wanting a real chippy effect.  On this piece, I wasn’t too big a fan of the original wood showing through alot, so I painted a “primer” coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.  It sticks better than milk paint, so I thought it would make a great base coat.  I put the milk paint on top, and it ended up sticking to the chalk paint pretty well.  I was able to distress it just enough to have a little wood and white show through, but the tacky original wood stayed mostly covered.


There must be a big market for green pieces, because this generated lots of interest and sold very quickly.  I may try the same color out on another piece soon.

So, all in all, a success!  Another tacky old piece  of furniture rescued and given new life.

If you would like more information on milk paint, check out www.MissMustardSeedMilkPaint.com

My Own Piece of “Lost & Found”

One of my favorite possessions is my old school map of the United States.  It is dated 1904 and is loaded with patina (or rips and stains, if you prefer!). Right now it enjoys a prominent spot on the second story wall of my living room.  It’s one of the first things you see when you walk in my front door, and I can always identify a fellow junker by their response to it.


It’s a fun story where it came from.  The first house my husband and I purchased was a restored 1940’s Craftsman bungalow in a small town in Arkansas.  The lady who lived there before us had spent 9 years renovating this home and had filled it with unique vintage furnishings and décor.  She also had built a shed in the back of the lot that matched the style of the house, and that is where she kept her projects, tools, and such.

When she moved out she left quite a bit of stuff in and around that shed—lots of paint, fence pickets, and a 6 ft tall stack of hubcaps encased in chicken wire (don’t ask, I have no idea!).  About 6 months after we moved in we were cleaning out the shed , while my husband found something rolled up in the corner. We brought it out into the yard, unrolled it, and discovered it was this awesome map!  Score!  We waited another month or two to see if the former owner would come claim it, but she never did. It really had been lost. 


Since then, it has been a central decorative feature in our home, except for a 2 year hiatus while it sat in my dad’s attic.  My husband was getting his masters degree and we were living in tiny apartments and rental houses, so we kept lots of stuff stored at our parents’ homes.  Every so often my dad would threaten to throw it away because it was just a piece of “junk”.  EXACTLY! He just doesn’t share that junker’s spirit with me!


I’ve tried to do some pricing on it, and it doesn’t seem to be worth much.  No matter though, to me it’s priceless.  It has been found and will be a permanent part of our home.

So moral of the story, go check your sheds, garages, and attics.  You never know what treasures you may uncover.

Other People’s Memories

In my space right now at Antique Company Mall I have a stock of old photos and family film reels from the 1950’s.  I realize that some people may think it’s strange to use somebody else’s family memories to decorate with, but I really enjoy these little glimpses into other people’s pasts.  I love wondering about who these people were and the lives they lived.


I stumbled across this set of film reels a few months ago at McKinney Trade Days.  I thought they were so unique and I loved that they were all still labeled.  One reads, “Paul’s Baptism, 1957”, and another is “Trip to Maine, 1954” with our friend Paul listed again plus lots of other names.


I don’t have a media room, but if I did these would be prominently displayed in there!  I think they are so rich with character and great for the imagination—who was Paul and how did he like Maine?


I also love this picture, maybe a family reunion?  And don’t you love the book behind it?  It’s just waiting for the perfect home.


A few weeks ago I went to an estate sale that had boxes full of loose family photos.  Here are just a few that I snagged.  I’m actually kicking myself for not getting the whole box!  They were all about to be lost in the trash and I decided to help find them a new home.

Where in your space can you add some history with other people’s memories?

Here Comes Peter Cottontail . . .

In the retail business, holidays always appear a few weeks (or months!) early.  With that in mind, springtime and Easter appeared last night in my space at Antique Company Mall.

ImageI am so ready for spring! Thankfully, I live in Texas, so winter doesn’t last too long here. It was refreshing to bring out my pastel colors, lavender bushes, and of course, Easter eggs.


This year, my birthday is on Easter–hello 33! Last year, my third son was born on Good Friday and came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday.  We have lots of special things that connect us to Easter time in our family.ImageHow can you welcome the spring season into your home this week?

Yard Sale Round-up

I took some time last Friday and Saturday making my way around the yard and estate sale circuit. I’m starting to go to more and more estate sales, they just seem to offer more bang for my buck.  Although, I’m also learning that waiting until the end of the estate sale is the way to go! Most everything is at least 50% off and there generally still seems to be a lot of inventory left.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of my fun finds.


I love printer drawers and grab them whenever I can find one at a good price.  I also love these two tall garden topiaries.  I’m tempted to keep them for myself, my yard is in desperate need of some style!


And check out this dresser.  Yes, I know, it is tacky with a capital T!  But the man selling it was practically giving it away, and I think with some paint and new hardware it could be a neat piece.


Yes, that is the Incredible Hulk perched on top.  My garage projects often become hideouts for our house full of superheroes.  I’ll be sure to post a picture of the dresser once I uncover its true beauty!

Just for laughs, I thought I would close with an honest look inside my garage.  This is what it looks like after a weekend of good yard sale-ing


This is not a glamorous business! But it sure is fun!

What did you pick up this weekend?