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McKinney Trade Days Round-up

The town just north of me hosts a monthly flea market the weekend before the 3rd Monday of each month.  Why the 3rd Monday, I have no idea . . . but I try to hit this sale every month to stock up on great finds for my space at the antique mall.  Many of you may have similar sales in your area.  Compared to other flea markets, this one is relatively small, but I always find wonderful things there.

Each month I’ll showcase what I found at the market and highlight some of the neat things I saw. If you’re local and also went to McKinney Trade Days, I would love for you to share your finds, or what you hunted down at a flea market in your area.

Let’s get started!  I was really excited to find a vendor that was going out of business and had their entire booth 50% off! Wow!


At first I was enjoying shopping there all by myself, but then the owner announced her sale over the loudspeaker and before I knew it every vendor at the market descended onto her space. I had to shop quick!


Here are my purchases from her booth.  I loved the croquet mallets and all of their great vintage color.  I snatched up all she had that were in good condition.

Karla at Vintage Junk always has some fun things too.  This month she had this great weathered table and very unique lamp.



Now here’s something I fell in love with but didn’t buy . . . for my shop, that is.


I absolutely love the pigeon holes on this chest.  I have a soft spot in my heart for anything with cubbies.  The price on it was great, but it was a little too high for me to buy for my shop.  So I summoned up all my willpower and made myself pass it up.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I made it back home though, so on day 2 of Trade Days I went back, husband and kids in tow, and bought it for myself!  It’s now the perfect nightstand in our master bedroom.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my haul.  It’s hard to see really all that I got because the white cabinet blocks a lot of the picture, but believe me, my car was packed!



3 thoughts on “McKinney Trade Days Round-up

  1. I had a blast the day we went. I’m ready for another trip so I’ll have to plan on towing a uhaul home behind my car! I wish they had those type of markets where I live…you got some near things!

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