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Welcome to Lost & Found

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! My name is Melanie and I recently opened a vintage home décor shop at a local antique mall. I have always loved “junk” and decorating my home with the unique. I am loving hunting for those special pieces now and stocking my space with lost treasures for others to enjoy.


I decided to name my shop “Lost & Found” because many of the items I sell truly have been “lost”. They come from the back rooms of country estate sales, weekend garage sales, and discount booths at flea markets.  Some of my most cherished pieces in my own home were destined for the garbage dump before I salvaged them and gave them new life (more on that in future posts). When these treasures “find” their new home, they become unique focal points and conversation starters.  Don’t we all want our home to have character and a story?


I look forward to highlighting items in my shop through this blog, as well as offering tips, tricks, and simple inspiration for those of you trying to create a unique and welcoming home on a budget.  I think we’re going to have a lot of fun! Check back often for new stories and pictures that I hope will encourage you all to lose the ordinary and find the unique



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lost & Found

  1. I love your words Mel…all of them! Great blog! So glad you have found this outlet for your love of decorating and sharing your expressive ideas. Isn’t it wonderful to bring something back to life and find a great use for something that someone else thought was trash? LOL Very proud of you and all you do and I love the home you have created! I only wish I lived closer so we could treasure hunt together more often. Carry on dear daughter!

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